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hive loader

   In Hive we can use the LOAD command to bulk load data into our tables,  Load operations are currently pure copy/move operations that move datafiles into locations corresponding to Hive tables and they do not allow any transformation while loading data into tables.   Base Syntax :  [crayon-57ece7e75f533372963070/] Let...

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To get the available Hive client command line options use the -H option along with the hive command: [crayon-57ece7e75fc90068820787/] Run a metadata command from the command line and exit:    For this we will use the -e option followed by the meta command to be executed inside commas. ...

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In this tutorial we will go over the Hive Data Types and give some examples for each of  the data type.  Hive supports most of the primitive data types supported by many relational databases. We have Primary and Complex Data Types available in Hive.  What are the Primary Data Types ? Primitive...

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