Working with S3CMD tool on AWS S3 storage buckets

In this article we will work with s3cmd tool to manage our AWS S3 buckets. if you haven`t installed it go ahead and see my previous article on installing the s3cmd tool.

Examples of using s3cmd tool.

We will start by using the ls command option:

  • this will list all our buckets.

We can also list the content of one specific bucket:

Create a new S3 bucket using the mb option:

Add a file to a bucket using the put option:

Add multiple files to a S3 bucket using a wildcard

  • we can use a * wildcard to copy file into a S3 bucket.

Copy a file from and S3 bucket onto your local machine using the get command option:

  • the syntax is :
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 s3cmd get {bucket}/{file}   {new location}

Copy a file from and S3 bucket onto local machine and overwrite existing one using the –force option:





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