How to Generate a Stock Schema Example for Vertica Database

Here is a copy of the scripts that will generate the data and the metadata to create a  Stock_Schema in Vertica.
  • i hope HP won’t mind me sharing this with the community so others can play with it and learn how Vertica works.

To download and install the Stock schema follow the steps bellow:

  • Download the zipped files from here Stock_Schema.
  • Create an new folder and unzip it inside.

  •  To build:

  •  Generate the data:

  • A new directory will be create in /tmp/stock_schema

  • Create the schema and the tables on your database
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  •  Load the generated data into your tables:
  • you just need to alter the stock_load_data.sql by adding the full path to the directory where we generated the data in.
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  •  Run the load script

Done your Stock Schema is up and ready for you to play with !



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