How to measure disk IO speed in Vertica

In Vertica we need to know what are our I/O speeds on the disks used for the database.

Why do we need to measure your I/O speeds?
-if you have multiple storage locations on the same node. Vertica will use this knowledge later when determining where (preferably on the fastest location) to store the data that is accessed the most.

How can we measure I/O speeds in Vertica?

  • First query the DISK_STORAGE table to get a list of storage locations.
  • You only need to measure and set the performance ratings for data locations.

  • Next step use the MEASURE_LOCATION_PERFORMANCE function from Vertica.

  • After you have discovered the disk I/O performance use the SET_LOCATION_PERFORMANCE function to inform Vertica of the disk I/O performance.
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    -this should not be done at peak time ,since is time/resource consuming.


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