What are the Key improvements MySQL 5.7 Release

MySQL 5.7 General Availability (GA) has been released for quite few months Download now and we have not have the chance to take a look over new added features and capabilities. This version looks very exciting and the world’s most popular open source database improved usability, manageability, and security.

 Here are key enhancements included in MySLQ 5.7

Performance & Scalability

Improved InnoDB scalability and performance on temporary tables, faster online and bulk load operations.

JSON Support

   With the newly added JSON support in MySQL, you can now combine the flexibility of NoSQL with the strength of a relational database.

Replication improvements

for increased availability and performance. They include multi-source replication, multi-threaded slave enhancements, online GTIDs, and enhanced semi-sync replication.

Performance Schema

delivering much better insights. We’ve added numerous new monitoring capabilities, reduced the footprint and overhead, and significantly improved ease of use with the new SYS Schema.


We are fulfilling “secure by default” requirements and many new MySQL 5.7 features will help users keep their database secure.


We have rewritten large parts of the parser, optimizer, and cost model. This has improved maintainability, extend-ability, and performance.


Completely new in MySQL 5.7 and including InnoDB spatial indexes, use of Boost.Geometry, along with increased completeness and standard compliance.



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