How to install Oracle Database 12c Step by Step

    Hi Geeks, in this article we will see how to install Oracle Database 12C on a Linux host.  The Step by Step comes with all the commands and the video tutorial.  Please leave your comments and questions regarding the installation or you can like and share the article if you found it useful.


1 – Download the Oracle Database Software

Oracle Database 12C

2 – Create group and user that will install Oracle Database

groupadd dba groupadd oper useradd -G dba,oper -g oinstall oracle passwd oracle

3 – Create the folder where you install the Oracle Database

4 – Edit the sysctl.conf and limits.conf files and add the following parameter files

  • this values are required by Oracle Database

5 – Install all the required packages for Oracle Database to properly function


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6 – Edit the host file to reflect the host name.

  • the ip and the hosts names are your choice.

7 –  Setup your environment variable for ORACLE user.

  • make sure you switch to Oracle user and add the following lines in the .bash_profile file.

Note: – this configurations will apply if you have used the same path as me, otherwise you will need change them accordingly.

8 – Unzip  the installer files

9 –  Install the Oracle Database

Note: Follow the video tutorial to see the rest of the Database Creation and validation.


Follow the Step by Step Oracle 12C installation Video Tutorial

How to Install Oracle Database 12C –  Part 1 Setup Host

Install Oracle Database 12C – Part 2 Install Oracle Database



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