Fix for Vertica ERROR 2035: COPY: Invalid integer format

Ok, i have spent about 2 hours today trying to understand what is wrong with a loading script of mine.

The is getting loaded but the 1st line.

Content of the file:

  • it looks like all are integer values ! right ?


The file type is UTF-8 so is good !

Now there is leading character called the BOM Marker in the file so this was the reason my file was not getting loaded and end-up with this error:

 So what is the fix for this ?

  • remove the the BOM marker using sed(good old sed 🙂 ).

To do it for a file that get the name randomly generated sed won`t accept  (*)wildcard for a in-place operation so i came-up with this script.


I hope this was helpful for all that face the same errro 🙂





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