The most efficient way to Calculate your AWS costs

Many times people get into using the cloud on the Free tier account and they end up spending more that they imagined. AWS can be tricky and very complicated to manage without the right tools in hand.
The best way to start using AWS(Amazon Web Services) is to understand the billing system they use and make sure you are aware of the infrastructure you build around you and managed efficiently and smart.

To bring more transparency to the whole process AWS came up with the AWS Calculator, this is a great tool that can be used as reference of the costs that might incur during your usage of the AWS cloud.

The AWS Calculator tool will enable you to get an estimate of your future costs and also enables you play around with different infrastructure scenarios.

Another great feature that this tools comes with is the Sample templates that are located in the right side of the main page, this once are detailed Solutions that can be used as a base for your future application.

Go get to the AWS Calculator just follow this link below:

Amazon Web Services Cost Calculator

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