Create new storage location in HP Vertica database.

The dbadmin user must have full privileges on the directory in order to create the location.


First create the directory on the host and give ownership to the dbadmin and his group.

 Create  the storage location inside the database


Check the locations

Measure the location performance

Important to know that you need RAM*2 free space available in a storage location to measure its performance.
To find the total RAM on your host use the command bellow:

-so i will need around 16Gb of free space in order to measure the performance of the DataCollector location.

  • to monitor the execution of the performance measurement check the space usage on you disk.
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Another way to do so is by using the opt/vertica/bin/vertica -m <path to disk mount> , this is normally done before creating the Vertica Cluster.
Example :

 Setup Storage location performance

 Why is important to specify the storage performance details in Vertica.

-By providing this type of information to Vertica we assume a tiered storage approach, were your “hot data”(most used data) will be stored on faster disks and regular data
will be stored on normal disks. This approach will work well when you have SSD disks allocated to your Vertica Storage.

  • Vertica internal engine will allocate the faster disks to store the columns that are present in the sort order of the projections and the columns that are not in the sort order will reside on the slower disks.
  • Also it will follow the each column rank as specified by the user.




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