Database Scripts

This script will show you what is the size of you Database Catalog.

Use this information to set your General Resource Pool accordingly by keeping in mind that the Vertica Catalog is not loaded in the General Pool allocated Memory and is loaded into the memory that is outside the  General Pool allocated Memory threshold.


This script will create a report of the connection rate on your Vertica Database Cluster.

If you have connection load balance enabled the report should be showing an even distribution of the connections across all nodes in your Cluster.

Here is an example of the generated report:

  • we can see that we have an even connection rate across all nodes. is good to monitor this and make sure you don`t let one node do more work than other.

Use this script with care !!!

   This is Vertica script that will allow you to see all the session that are active in your Vertica Database.

   This is easy to use and will also prove you with a string to close the session, the name of the Column that caries the close session command is CloseSession.

 Use this script with care !!!