This is i think the script i most use in my day to day activities.

I use it to monitor the sessions that are running on my server and also to keep an eye on what is going on. You will require elevated rights to run this script.

 The script will generate an output as the one below.

  • it will provide you with details of the running sessions such as Request, session_id and more others, but the most important for me the close_session output as this allows me kill what ever session i need.

Be careful with this script and make sure before running it in production you test it in dev and get used to it`s output.


This script will create a report of the connection rate on your Vertica Database Cluster.

If you have connection load balance enabled the report should be showing an even distribution of the connections across all nodes in your Cluster.

Here is an example of the generated report:

  • we can see that we have an even connection rate across all nodes. is good to monitor this and make sure you don`t let one node do more work than other.

Use this script with care !!!

   This is Vertica script that will allow you to see all the session that are active in your Vertica Database.

   This is easy to use and will also prove you with a string to close the session, the name of the Column that caries the close session command is CloseSession.

 Use this script with care !!!


Database Scripts

The script will list all requests that ended up in a error message. This is part of the daily monitoring and will help you identify bad sql that needs to be resolved.

Database Scripts

The script will list all the projections that were not refreshed in the last month.

Database Scripts

The Script will create a reports on disk space utilization by host.

Database Scripts

The script will list the Raw space used vs Compressed space used in Vertica.

Database Scripts

Script will list all load events that have rejected data

The script was created by NORBERT KRUPA

Database Scripts

This script will show what are the current encoding and compression algorithms that are in use on the chosen table.

Database Scripts

The Script will Extract Resource Pool Definitions in Vertica.

This script will only recreate the pool that are created by the users and not the internal pools. If you want to get the definition of the internal pool you will need to WHERE NOT is_internal line from the script.

The output of the script

Database Scripts

Vertica includes regular expression searches as part of their standard product. This makes it easy to extract numbers from text strings.

The REGEXP_SUBSTR returns the sub string that matches a regular expression within a string. If no matches are found, this function returns NULL. This is different than an empty string, which can be returned by this function if the regular expression matches a zero-length string.

The regular expression to find the substring to be extracted. The syntax of the regular expression is compatible with the Perl 5 regular expression syntax. See the Perl Regular Expressions Documentation for details.